How to get here

From the main Yogyakarta train station:
The train station has TWO exit ways: the main exit (which is not the one you should take) and the secondary exit, which is the correct one. It might be difficult for you to know whether you are using the main or the secondary exit, here a tip: if you have used an underpass to cross the railways, then you are on the correct way.
Having taken that secondary exit way, you’ll stand on Pasar Kembang Street. Look to your left: you’ll see the tallest building of that street, a hotel named “NEO Malioboro”. Walk towards that hotel (+/-100m), and about 30 meters before the hotel, on the same side of the street as the hotel (that means on your right) you will see a very narrow alley. Take that alley and you’ll see Andrea Hotel, a few steps away.
Note: if you have used the main exit (which frequently happens to travelers), don’t worry. Our hotel is not too far, but you’d walk a little bit more. See the map below on how to get here from the main exit.

how to get here.
Google Directions (from train station)

From the airport:
If you take a taxi, give the following address to the driver. It is then easier for the taxi driver and for you to find our hotel: Hotel NEO Malioboro, Jl. Pasar Kembang. When you stand in front of hotel NEO, facing the hotel, walk 30 meters to your right and you will see a narrow alley on your left hand side. Take that alley for about 40 meters (see map below).
PS: Don’t mention Andrea Hotel to the taxi driver, he won’t know it, but he’ll try to help you find it and you’ll end up wasting your time and energy.

how to get here1
Google directions (from airport)

When asking people nearby how to find us, they may tell you that we are full, or just lead you to other hotels. If you plan to come to Andrea Hotel, it is better to follow the directions on this page.


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